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About Us

We first launched Vehiclevo in 2016, when the automotive industry was facing a crossroad. We were seeing trends towards what the future of the industry could be, with stunning growth in areas like Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicles. And we wanted to be part of something special.
So Vehiclevo was born, to be a strong player in this new phase of the automotive market. To be a vital part of the fresh evolution of vehicle development.

We wanted to build a company that could act as a new kind of Tier-1 supplier in the industry, one where we could focus on controller software architecture. Unlike the past, where you might see a single supplier providing combined hardware and software solutions, we’re here to help car manufacturers by focusing on software alone.

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Partnering with you to shape automotive’s future

We’re ready to team up with the automakers who need help with their vehicle software architecture.
And if you’re a developer excited by the thought of working on interesting automotive software projects, we’d love for you to work with us.