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World-class software solutions
in the new era of automotive

About Vehiclevo

We first launched Vehiclevo in 2016, when the automotive industry was facing a crossroad. We were seeing trends towards what the future of the industry could be, with stunning growth in areas like Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicles. And we wanted to be part of something special.
So Vehiclevo was born, to be a strong player in this new phase of the automotive market. To be a vital part of the fresh evolution of vehicle development.

We wanted to build a company that could act as a new kind of Tier-1 supplier in the industry, one where we could focus on controller software architecture. Unlike the past, where you might see a single supplier providing combined hardware and software solutions, we’re here to help car manufacturers by focusing on software alone.

Along the way, we’ve developed a competence centre where we can compete at a world-class level with the traditional suppliers of the market. We’ve split our centre across two sites in two countries, developing our hub in Munich, Germany and Cairo, Egypt.

Here at Vehiclevo, we’ve been focusing on a strategy to build our team while participating in developing the cutting edge software for automotive controllers. We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, and we’re so excited to keep working with top-line automakers and Tier-1 suppliers.


We’re proud of our management team and what they bring to the table. Our leaders have vast experience in the automotive industry, dating back to 2008.
Having worked at a number of traditional automotive suppliers across several worldwide locations, our leaders have built and led teams in multiple countries. Some of the teams they’ve led have included more than 100 engineers.

Our leaders have handled it all…including processes like Engineering Management, Project Management, Software Architecture, and Implementation, as well as various levels of testing.
You’ll find they’re well versed with Automaker’s RFQs, meaning they can manage and direct development from RFQ all the way to SOP.


We work at your level so that we’re always on the same page

At Vehiclevo, we don’t get lost in the weeds. Though we care about everything at the microcontroller level, we also keep the big picture in mind. Meaning we don’t just focus on the software itself, but how it will function for the car manufacturer within the overall system. We keep the end-customer in mind in everything we do, so that we can deliver a product that’s just right.

You’ll have our years of experience at your fingertips

We bring our vast software development and automotive industry experience together to act as your Tier-1 Supplier. Combining a team of seasoned leaders and developers, we’ve run a number of successful projects with leading car manufacturers and suppliers.
If you join with us on a project, we’ll steer you in the right direction and deliver everything to spec.

You can take advantage of our expertise

We have deep expertise in all the systems that are most important in an automotive software project, including AUTOSAR, Linux, and QNX. Following all ISO norms closely, we’re also skilled in all aspects of the development cycle and project cycle. That includes proficiency in the entire V Cycle, from Function Requirement, to Software Development and right on through to Function Validation. And our team can handle a project from RFQ to SOP, meaning we’ll have you covered the whole way.

We’re always up-to-date with the latest trends and movements

We keep up with all the latest developments across the automotive industry. On top of working consistently on platforms like AUTOSAR, we’re always across everything through COVESA (The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance).
To make sure you have a winning project that’s compliant with all standards, we’ll use the best approaches in tech.

We deliver high-quality results at a competitive price

We’ll drive the project with the correct decisions, right from the very start. That way we can help you save by avoiding the costs associated with making changes at the later stages of a project.
Our steady approach helps us minimise the chances of needing to firefight on a project. Meaning you’re less likely to face any unnecessary stress or expense.

We offer you flexibility

If you’re in the planning phase, ready to start a new project and looking for the right supplier, we can be there every step of the way.
Or if a project’s already in progress but things are starting to fall apart at the seams, we can put out some fires for you, too. We’ll work with you to solve the burning issues you’re facing and get your project back on track.