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We offer innovative design concepts and
develop the software architecture infrastructure for
multi-processor automotive ECUs

Supported Vehicle Systems

The market’s expanding as we move toward an emission-free future. With multiple types of electric vehicle, there’s loads of potential. We develop the software architecture infrastructure for all controllers in the electric powertrain.

We’ll be part of the e-mobility revolution with you.

Offer more information with greater flexibility than an analogue setup. Combining complex systems into the kind of display the modern driver craves, we’ll help you develop a digital cockpit worth remembering.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a budget vehicle or luxury model…drivers want the latest and greatest features. An Infotainment system that brings together the best in media, radio and navigation.

We’ll help you lay the foundation for your Infotainment system that speaks to the new generation of drivers.

Offering a doorway to the outside world through a connected car. Covering key areas like diagnostics, navigation, safety and security.

We’ll allow you to deliver the best to drivers while addressing the specific challenges of this industry.

Is this the future of transport and mobility? Autonomous Driving could reshape the landscape of the modern world. And we’re moving to deeper levels of software complexity as advances are made to what autonomous systems can do.

We’ll join you to help shape tomorrow.

Our vision

With our years of experience, skills and knowledge, we want to be the new Tier-1 automotive supplier in this next phase of the automotive industry. We’re focused solely on software for car manufacturers – meaning we’re able to specialise more deeply in our projects.

We obsess about everything at the microcontroller and processor level…so you don’t have to. Leaving you to focus on what you do best.

More About Us

Years of experience

Core Engineering Technologies

We take a three pillar approach to our projects to deliver stunning results every time. Our strategy revolves around three core development teams, so nothing gets left behind.

1 1

Our experts use their skills to design the ECU microcontroller software. Experienced in many base software domains, we handle everything …
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2 2

Making sure functional safety is never an afterthought. Our experience covers AUTOSAR requirements for all common providers.
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3 3

Delivering secure systems on all our projects. We’ll work within the capacity of the hardware and make sure the system’s protected …
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Why Partner with Us?

It’s important to pick the right team to join you to make sure your project’s a success. Here are some reasons we’re sure we can help you out.

We offer you:

1 1

We work
at your level

2 2

Loads of

3 3

Deep expertise and
a vast array of skills

4 4


5 5


6 6

Flexibility in
our approach

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