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Create an Infotainment system using serious processing power to deliver a smarter car that delights your drivers


High quality Infotainment systems have become the standard for the modern vehicle. People are hungry for up-to-date cars to go with their smartphones and other smart devices. They want a system that brings media, radio and navigation seamlessly together.

It starts with the main centre console display, can extend to a Heads-Up Display, and even connect to a digital cockpit. It’s a complex system using the latest technology to bring together a mix of key information and entertainment options.

Here you’ll find complicated hardware and software to deliver the finished product, with multi-processors working across a number of different environments.

You could see AUTOSAR, Linux, and Android all integrating with one another behind the scenes. And they all communicate and connect with each other and the outside world with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

For it all to function, the controllers talk to the different displays to bring up the right information at the right time…in hi-res…and all in the blink of an eye.

Our team at Vehiclevo focuses on the ECU software architecture that lays at the whole Infotainment system’s foundation. We bring our knowledge and skills to design the base controller software so that it works to spec – while meeting all cyber security standards.

Benefit from our 3 Pillared Approach for project success

Our Three Pillar Strategy means we won’t leave any stone unturned, with our three development teams ready to cover all the important angles. Plus, we’ll tailor it to suit your specific project, meaning we’re ready for the elements that matter to you most.

Like our Cyber Security Team, who’ll make sure the software on your Infotainment system is developed and tested to deal with the heightened risk of external threats.