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Helping you develop a connected car by producing the software infrastructure for the Telemetric Control Unit


Telematics covers a wide range of critical vehicle functions in areas like diagnostics, navigation, safety and security. And it has useful applications for personal drivers, fleet management and insurance providers.

A telematic system is a car’s portal to the outside world. It’s connected through the Telemetric Control Unit (TCU), a crash-resistant controller with an embedded SIM.

So what can the system do?

• Drivers can make emergency calls, and if there’s an accident, the system automatically notifies the authorities.

• It can collect all kinds of data to be sent to the cloud and utilised. Things like car faults, where diagnostics can be sent to the manufacturer behind the scenes.
• The system allows the manufacturer remote access to the vehicle – maybe to lock or unlock the doors or shut down the vehicle (particularly helpful in the event of theft).
• To keep the core components of the vehicle running in tip-top shape, telematics allows the ability to deliver over-the-air (OTA) updates.
The TCU is the fundamental piece of the puzzle, and the controller’s base software is what makes it all possible.
Vehiclevo designs and creates this base controller software, paying close attention to the specific challenges of these systems.

Nothing left behind and nothing to chance

Our three pillar approach to projects means we cover everything we need to. Split across our three core development teams, we’ll cover all aspects from design of the software, to functional safety and cyber security.

Cyber security, for example, is of critical importance, as we fight to protect against outside intervention – such as the possibility of a bad actor hacking in and taking over the system.