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Show the world your skills.

Join our great team.

Life at Vehiclevo

At Vehiclevo, we’re working on interesting projects and trends in the automotive industry. If you like the idea of joining a great team and being part of a winning culture…and you’re looking for the chance to show the world your skills…consider becoming a member of the Vehiclevo family.
When you work with our team, you become one of us. You’ll have the space you need to perform your best work. Plus we believe in staying down-to-earth and working without titles (so, no need to worry about using ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ here).

We’ll work together as a team to always deliver an excellent result. And that means caring about improvements and new ideas. Always keeping the big picture in mind. Never being short-sighted.
So whether you’re interested in working with us in our German or Egyptian offices, we want you to succeed with us – and we’re so excited to find out what we can achieve together.

Our Core Values


We believe in being open and transparent in all our dealings. When you’re part of the team, we’ll always be clear and straightforward with you…
and we’ll ask the same from you.


We base everything in our day-to-day around trust. We trust all our team members are doing their best for themselves and the team – and we expect that you’ll trust your colleagues and the management team.


We believe that we’re people, not machines. That means we believe in responding quickly to anything that comes up, whether that’s a new challenge on a project or a message from a colleague.


We’re always responsible for our work and take ownership of the situation. We value self-motivation for all our team members. And we don’t blame or point fingers, no matter what’s happened.


We believe in walking a path together – one that you help us shape. We’ll always value your input, feedback and ideas, so that we can progress on our journey as a team.

Our 3 Pillar Strategy means

3 core teams

We prefer to manage our talent and expertise with three separate development teams running the three aspects of our projects: base software, functional safety and cyber security.
To make sure people are ready for our projects, we conduct regular training on relevant topics for each group. We also promote knowledge sharing within and across our groups, so that we’re always improving.

And if you’d like to work on a variety of project types, that’s ok, too.

We encourage our people to move between teams and learn new skills. This approach can be great for your personal development, and it really helps our cross-functionality within the business.

At Vehiclevo, we don’t just run external projects – we also create internal projects that each team can work on. That way, we’re able to stay at the top of our game and help you develop further on your journey.

We’ve found the combination of our internal and external projects broaden our knowledge and deepen our expertise.


Years of

We’re here to support you so you succeed

How you develop while you’re at Vehiclevo is very important to us. We want you to always be improving – learning new things and increasing your skills. And we’re proud to offer you paid training (both internal and external) to help you get there.
As a member of our team, you’ll have access to company-led sessions on both technical and non-technical topics.
Plus, we’ll give you the opportunity to attend conferences on a regular basis.

Using a carefully designed 8-category appraisal system, we value and reward all aspects of performance. And when you’re a member of our family, we make sure you have a way to show your abilities and shine.

We’ll work with you to set your goals for the year and support you throughout. Including regular one-on-one meetings to check in and see how you’re tracking, while offering you any help you need to stay on target. We value attendance, punctuality and the quality of the work you produce. Our staff who meet and exceed their goals qualify for a performance bonus (which we pay monthly).

It’s important to us that our team’s always improving. That’s why we support our leaders to help them be the best they can be, and encourage a culture of excellent results.
In turn, our leaders are always working with our team members to develop their skills – giving them the chance to develop into our leaders of tomorrow.


we’re proud to offer
our Vehiclevo family


It doesn’t matter which office you’re working in – you can always get the opportunity to transfer. So if you’re in Egypt and would like to work in our German office, or want to head from Germany to Egypt, we can help you get there.


We’ll take care of your health insurance no matter which office you’re based in – whether it’s Egypt or Germany, you’ll be covered.


On top of your regular salary, you’ll have the chance to earn a performance bonus every month.


We want you to feel your best when you’re working with us. We’ll work with you and offer support to help minimise your stress.


We know that things come up in your life from time-to-time. Things that can make your work schedule a little difficult to fit into on some occasions. We’ll support you and offer you some flexibility when you need it most.


We love our coffee and hope you do too! We offer you free, high-quality coffee in both our German and Egyptian offices.


If you need some fresh fruit or other snacks while you’re on the go at work…have no fear. We’ve got you covered!


We love a home-like feel in the office. You can take advantage of a treadmill workout, have a crack at the PlayStation, or enjoy a game night with your colleagues. Plus, we’re always ready for new suggestions of other social events our crew can enjoy.