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Digital Cockpit

We’ll help you create the digital cockpit of your dreams. Integrate a complex system into something beautiful that’s packed with features for your drivers


With more information at our disposal than ever before, automakers are increasingly seeing the advantages of the digital cockpit over the traditional analogue setup. Classic cluster instruments just don’t offer the same kind of flexibility.

Using software and increased connectivity, it’s now possible to show key driver and vehicle information that can change to suit what’s most relevant at any given time. And with the spread of smart devices across our lives, drivers seem to expect (and want) everything to hand – and straight away.

How do you get a digital cockpit that delivers? It’s a complex module made up of many moving parts, with multi-functional processors and a number of different operating systems working to display the right information at the right time. You could see systems running on AUTOSAR, Linux, Android, all at once.

At Vehiclevo, we design and create the software infrastructure that makes the digital cockpit possible. We make sure that all the effort you’ve put into your perfect design doesn’t go to waste – so drivers will see your beautiful graphics, and always get the correct information on the display.

See our 3 Pillar Approach at work

We’ll run your project using our three core development teams, with one team to focus on the base software, one managing its functional safety, and the other tackling the system’s cyber security.

Given the nature of the information the digital cockpit shows, functional safety is of critical importance.

Our team has the technical know-how and experience to meet all safety requirements, with a strict internal quality process to ensure the right outcome.

Plus we’ll deliver secure cockpit software design, too, following the right protocols and using appropriate techniques.